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There are a number of areas to consider when contemplating adding a Chihuahua to your family.

Family Tree:

The Chihuahua is named for the Mexican State of Chihuahua.  It is a true toy not bred down from larger breeds.  It comes in two varieties - Smooth Coats and Long Coats and can be of any approved colour or combinations of approved colours excepting Merle pattern (gene) which is linked to health issues in the Breed.  Merle is a disqualification in the Canadian Standard.  (Please see our Code of Ethics - Section 3: Breeding, (g).)

The Standard says the Breed is not to exceed six pounds with 2 - 4 pounds preferred.  We are recognized as the World's Smallest Dog.


Every dog has a reason for being.  The Chihuahua's reason is to give love, to let you know when someone is at the door and to protect you to the best of its abilities.  (They think BIG in that area).  The Chihuahua wants to be on your lap and at your side for companionship, to share your life, your joy and your sorrow.  This is a devoted breed, loyal and attentive.


The Chihuahua is a HOUSE dog.  It can be perfectly happy in an apartment or on a farm.  They can do their 'thing' outisde or on paper - sometimes, if its really cold or damp, paper works best.  The breed loves warm weather and sunshine.   The Chihuahua or Chis normally chooses one family member as their own, but will love the others also.  They like to feel safe and secure and very young children should be closely watched so that they do not poke at eyes or pull tails.


Although an easy to care for Breed, the Chihuahua does require it - a bath when dirty - blow drying so they don't catch cold - nails trimmed, ears and teeth cleaned.  They also need their coats brushed particularly on the Long Coats.  Given proper shots, yearly vet visits, the Chihuahua is a very long lived breed.  15 years not being unusual.


The breed can get all the exercise it needs by running and playing around a house or apartment.  They do love being outside and going for moderate walks.  They should never be left alone in a yard.  Given toys, they can amuse themselves but they'd much rather play with their owners.


The Chihuahua is a very intelligent breed that loves to learn new things.  They are especially good at learning 'tricks' and can do very well in obedience classes and competition.

At Meal Time:

Chihuahuas are not fussy eaters and, because of our small size, can tend to gain weight very easily.  They should be fed a quality dog food, dry or mixed, with some supplements, and vegetables and fruits are enjoyed.


The Chihuahua or Chis is lively and alert but not high strung.  This is a sensitive and loving breed that enjoys being and playing with its owners to whom it is devoted.  They fit in nicely with older folks loving to share laps but are also very happy with younger families if handled gently and treated with respect.

The Molera:

A 'molera' is a soft spot in the front skull - similar to that of a human infant.  Sensible care must be taken while the Chis is a puppy in order to prevent injury until this area grows smaller as the dog matures.  The smaller the Chis, the larger the Molera tends to be.  This is not a defect and does not cause health issues.  It is simply a part of being a Chihuahua.


Breeding is not the mating together of two Canadian Kennel Club registered dogs to produce puppies.

That mentality has been the downfull of many breeds.  It is a creative art that requires the study of genetics, conformation, bloodlines, and veterinary procedures.  The responsibility for the future generations lies with a breeder.  The mating together of outstanding champions will produce many pets, so if dogs that outstanding are bred, can you imagine what can happen? Personality, disposition, and health are lost, along with the good looks of the breed.

Chihuahuas are often delivered by Caesarean section - that's expensive! Puppies are small, usually 3 to 4 oz., and require a lot of extra care.



There is no excuse for buying a 'cheap' puppy from a person who is exploiting the popularity of the breed; whose only concern is to make a dollar at your expense.  When you buy from a dedicated breeder, who is breeding for future champions, you have a chance to acquire a well-bred, healthy puppy, raised with love.

Many breeders require that you spay or neuter their pets.  This way, you will have the best pet possible.