All animals owned, or in the care of members shall be given a healthy environment, good nutrition, and proper care at all times.  No member's dogs shall be treated in an inhumane manner, nor be neglected or abused physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Nor shall members subject their dog(s) to cruel or unusual punishment.


a) All bitches shall be registered with The Canadian Kennel Club, and all stud dogs shall be registered with a kennel club whose stud books are recognized by The Canadian Kennel Club.

b) All litters and puppies shall be registered with The Canadian Kennel Club.


a) Members shall keep accurate records of stock, matings, and pedigrees.

b) A members shall select stud and matron with an eye to conformation, intelligence, and temperament, after a careful study of The Canadian Kennel Club breed standard, pedigrees, and basic principles of genetics.

c) A member shall consider only those individual dogs which are free from hereditary defects that may impair their functioning as sound healthy dogs, in their breeding programme.

d) It is preferred that a bitch not be bred before her second season, or fifteen months of age.

e) It is preferred that a member allow spacing between litters.

f) To ensure a sound and controlled growth of the Chihuahua, members are encouraged to use non-breeding agreements, spay and/or neuter.

g) Members shall not breed "MERLE GENE" carrying dogs.  This stock should not be promoted in any way.

h) A member shall permit stud service, lease studs or bitches only to those individuals who are in agreement with this Club's Code of Ethics.


a) A member shall be discriminating in the sales of puppies and adult dogs.  Concerned with the type of home which they are placed.  Therefore, no animal shall be donated for raffles or giveaways, auctioned, sold or consigned to pet stores or animal brokers and no animal shall be sold at swap meets or flea markets.  No animals should be sold on internet media, other than the recognized Canadian Kennel Club breeder site with your premium membership, and/or your personal web sites.

b) It is preferred that all stock leaving the member's possession be at least ten weeks old.

c) A member shall provide buyers with written details of feeding, general care, dates and types of inoculations, and dates at which further inoculations are due.

d) A member shall provide a four generation pedigree and health guarantee at time of sale.

e) Individual Canadian Kennel Club registration papers should follow the completion of sale and/or contract.

f) Members shall help to place any dog of their breeding for which a new home must be found, and shall endeavor to place any other Chihuahua who needs a home.


a) All advertising written or oral shall be factual and not worded to attract undesirable buyers, or encourage the breeding of Chihuahuas as a money making business.

b) Advertising and promotion, written or oral shall be confined to the aspects of the member's stock ans shall in no way degrade the stock of others.  This includes personal web sites and/or in conversation on internet mediums.

c) A member shall be cautious in encouraging buyers as to breeding, as the breeding of animals is not to be taken lightly by any owner.


a) Members shall be aware at all times that the Club exists to protect and improve the breed.

b) Members shall refrain from unnecessary and unconstructive criticism of another's dog(s).

c) Newly approved members cannot sponsor and/or vote for a probationary period of 2 years.  This will ensure they have had sufficient time to become fully cognizant of all CCC rules, regulations and bylaws and have attended at least one CCC AGM.  A member in good standing with the Club, after the probationary period, will be sent written notification that they are now a full member with voting privileges and able to sponsor.

d) An application must have 2 voting sponsors of the CCC.  It is preferred that the Zone Director of the applicant be one of the sponsors.  Same household members cannot sponsor the same applicant.

e) Members can only sponsor one applicant in a physical year.  Sponsorship is to be taken very seriously.


a) All infractions of the Code should be reported to the Club President, by means of a detailed letter which is dated and signed.

b) Only when the member is not co-operative in rectifying the infraction, will the President present the situation to the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.