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Potential members who are actively involved in a breeding program and exhibiting are expected to have contributed to their local or regional clubs gaining experience through volunteering at shows; serving on committees and attending meetings.  These efforts display a sense of duty to the future of the entire dog show community, not just personal endeavours.

Such members are valuable to the Club and may be entrusted to take on responsibilities once they have passed the trial membership period.  Each member serves as a representative of the Club and a protector of the Breed.

We place high regard on Membership Applications which show a dedicated involvement in the dog show community.  CCC seeks to attracts working members who will follow the guidelines when the representing the Chihuahua Club of Canada, and under such guidelines, will be diligent in protecting and 'responsibly' promoting the Breed. 

Lastly, potential members should recognize that being involved in a National Club is not about the desire for recognition or the accumulation of ribbons.  Service to the Club and the Breed are foremost; the future of the Breed is at stake.

CHIHUAHUA CLUB OF CANADA - Membership Information 

MEMBERSHIP: CCC offers two types of membership.

Active (voting Members), and Associate (non-voting Members).

For further information, please contact the President