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Lisa King-Lockhart
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Royal Canin has been committed to an approach leading to Health Nutrition, with a view to giving the most precise and adequate nutritional answers to the specific requirements of dogs and cats.

Our innovative approach takes the animal to heart. Royal Canin’s main distinguishing feature, our "Dogs and Cats First" commitment, fully conveys the central part the animal plays throughout our innovation process.

Our philosophy focuses first and foremost on contributing to the health and well-being of dogs and cats, by allowing them to live longer, healthier lives.



Lisa King (left) shown with Edna St. Hilaire, Chihuahua Club of Canada President

Lisa grew up on the east coast but found herself living most of her adult life in Ontario.  With 20 years in the Petfood Industry, 17 in Quality and Food Safety, Lisa was quick to switch gears to move back to her home and bring her experience to a new opportunity in sales.     Co-ordinated with RC, Lisa has enabled CCC to bring Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine to Nova Scotia for excellent seminars open to the public.

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